Storm craziness

After a long, long night of wind, ripping sounds, and pelting of the house with debris, we are up and awake. The basement flooded a bit but nothing serious...we knew this was starting to happen early on. Some branches fell down, the kids playhouse roof tore off as well as part of their tree house (just the tarp).

I feel a little like I've been on a long boat voyage...the sound of the wind was really bad and hit Jon and my bedroom window which was weird as the wind never comes that way. Felt like a monster growling and shaking the house. Honestly, I see how the story of the 3 pigs and the wolf blowing down your house most likely came from. Scary!!

I'm praying for everyone to be safe. I know there have been some bad things happening. This was a terrible storm.

The good news, we have power, we're all fine. My in-laws lost power and Jon is going up there to help with food/getting their car out, etc. It's odd because even though we are 2 blocks away, we are on a different grid, power wise, and this makes a huge difference. Our lights flickered and we thought we'd lose the power, but all is well.

I'm so thankful that I was strict about trimming trees and branches a few weeks ago. We had quite a few growing around electric lines/telephone lines. I'm like, trim them all below the lines! Jon listened and it probably saves us a lot of grief.

I feel really tense right now...I don't know why. I think it's from the stress, lack of sleep, fear of possible more bad weather and just feeling overwhelmed from everything. This has been such a bizarre year. I'm ready to put everything behind me and move on to next year and start fresh.

Some excellent news, I have a 2nd order from Michigan for my art dolls. I need to photograph them before they are sent out. They are very cute and unique. If you're interested in wholesale buying, let me know. Minimum orders of 10 pieces and you get a discount on dolls or wood carvings.  :)

I am so relieved this storm is over. I'm praying we don't have many more like this. It would be terrible and scary. Now, that I've been through this, I feel more empathy for those who live in areas with frequent tornadoes/hurricanes. I also feel that we really, really need to make Global changes to how we effect our environment. I've always felt this, actually. I remember, as a kid, reading about acid rain in different parts of the country. Now, we have crazy changes in weather patterns. Yes, Global warming is something to be very concerned and aware about. It makes me frustrated that Obama is labeled "too Green". He needs to do more "Green" energy and if the Republicans want to stay around, they better jump/run on board or they will be left in the dust.

I looked at my blog page, and I was like, why do I have any political messages on my page...let alone one I can not stand?!? I was totally shocked and disgusted. Let it be known I am a supporter of Obama and by golly, proud of it. I hope more people learn from him...instead of opposing him. Hopefully, if I get any political banners on here, this will generate some Obama ones.

I'm sorry if my views are different from yours or make you cringe. You have a right to believe in your own political views, just as I do. I have gotten a lot of grief from my relatives for posting anything in support of Obama. If they post things, I don't say anything or ask questions. For me, I get labeled a freak and they are constantly attacking/arguing with me. So, I turn to kittens and cute critters for comfort and defusing the situation. Geesh. What is wrong with having your own opinion and standing up for your self? This doesn't mean attacking people and calling them names or making fun of them behind their backs. Because, that is not standing up for your self. That is bullying and cruel. Having an opinion is knowing what you believe, reasons for it and some facts to support it.

Anyway, enough of that. I just had to talk about it because it's been on my mind for a bit. Honestly, I've written several posts only to delete them because I didn't want to offend anyone.


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