Piles of things to organize

I've slacked off of house work for the past few weeks...nothing too serious just need to go through things and organize. Just haven't been in the mood to do much.

I was starting to feel up on Wednesday and then, I botched that up by staying up too late watching a movie. Never watch a scary movie when you're emotionally frayed. It does not help, believe me. I'm laughing at my self now. The funny thing it wasn't tremendously scary...an old 1940's film, "The Uninvited"...ghost story. I'm very sensitive these days.

I'd really like to visit my mom and attend my brother's wedding but it would be too much financially. I'll have to wait till March when we can all go together. It's very annoying living so far away and living pay check to pay check.

The good thing is  there is a lot of wonderful things happening. My brother is getting married, the kids are doing their chorus again this year and I'm finally painting again. I did this yesterday. It was so nice to start up some new work. I had carved some angels to paint and got them primed and the first layer of paint on. I also organized my new stuffed dolls. They look really cute and I'm going to have a hard time parting with them. I need to take some action shots of me working on them. I have to download some new pics too...haven't done that too. I feel sort of like, things have come to a head and now, what's next?

The biggest idea I have in my head is possibly, hopefully, moving my mom back with us when we visit in late winter/early Spring. This is on my mind and I guess I've got to seriously think about how my house is set up. I've got to unclutter and organize to make this work.

#1 figure out how we are going to install a 2nd bathroom.
#2 yard sales to declutter/donate things to make space.
#3 get the 3rd floor cleaned/ cleared out for the girls to use at their room.
#4 paint, paint, paint. :)

Hopefully, this will get someone (my mom, yeah, I know you're reading this right now) excited about coming here. :) :) We shall see how things feel/comfort wise. It will be a change but a very good one and one I'd totally love. I was hoping to move both my parents in with me but that didn't happen. I think having mom here would be a huge blessing (I already know my husband is totally for it). And honestly, I'd need the help. Esp. when I start going back to school and having a part-time job. :)

So, this is an exciting change and a chance to really make things flow in a good way. Pray that things work out and we can do this.


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