Let your dog bark

It is always good to have a dog who barks and keeps you on your toes. Who, when the seeds of sorrow begin to take root, churns up the dirt and digs holes and barks in the joy of the moment. Yes, a dog is good for waking you out of your stupor, forcing you into the present with her clickty clack of toenails on the kitchen floor to be let out.

Dogs are good for that nap that calls to you. To rest with a heavy head upon your back, warm and comforting and still. Perfectly curving to your body, never cooling heat pad, lovingly patched onto you with no thought of leaving till you do.

Dogs are good for inspiring side trips on your walks, seeing things differently and knowing each day is something to be acknowledged as wonderful, grand, hopeful, expectant, patient, joyful, quiet, growling bark at the darkness, protective and claiming this is my life and don't you forget it.

This dear friend, who upon meeting and loving you, will remember you forever and like Odysseus' dog, Argos, will remember you and die with his last breath for you.


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