Sunday afternoon

Had a good day at church, mostly on time and just a good weekend over all. Of course, now that it's quiet and time to think/relax, I feel this tightness squeezing on my throat...thinking of my dad. I don't know what I want to do (cry, write in my journal, cry and nap, plant at tree in memory of my dad...).

There is also this huge let down feeling...cause, you know, we really didn't want him to pass away and were hoping for much longer time with him.

I feel sad and tired. Plus, I just yelled at Jon for not helping me. I feel annoyed by that too.Sometimes, you just feel like yelling. I feel a little better for some reason. I better apologize.

Anyway, I just feel grumpy. I can see why some people just want to be a big grump and left alone at times.


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