Memorial for my daddy today

Today my sister, brothers and mom are having a memorial for my dad. They are having it at my brother's church and conducted by his soon to be father in law. I know my dad would love this. My uncle is going to sing at the memorial and this is so touching.

I think I'd like to do something too...not sure what yet.

I'm supposed to be at church right now but Norrie is sick at home with a fever (woke up to throw up all over). Poor thing. So, I'm here at home. We're also supposed to go to Shaver's creek for a church walk. Jon and the other kids might have to go alone while I tend to a sick child. The best laid plans...always seem to change. But at least we are doing our best and this is happening on the weekend. I really hope Norrie feels well enough to go but I don't know...she is sleeping on my bed, so, probably not.

It's good to cry. I got to talk to Father Fred for a few minutes and that helped too. I totally agree it's much better to cry and let it out or it really can make you sick. Just keep a bag full of tissues handy...seriously.

I feel so, so blessed to have so many good people in my life. I truly am rich with friends and family. I know my dad was too...I can remember Thanksgiving's where there would be no room at the table because my dad would invite friends and they would come. I loved that...even if it meant eating supper on the front porch steps (it's California not cold at all). :) I thank God for giving us a great dad and mom. Poor mom would have to bake an extra turkey. People would bring extra food, it was great.

I found out that my dad loved pecan pie last night. Mom's going to have that at the memorial or else pumpkin. I had no idea. This made me happy because Jon's favorite it pecan and Norrie loves pumpkin. :) Little things like this makes me happy.

And another part of me is angry that my dad didn't take his health as something precious and fragile. That he listened to "natural" snake oil salesmen. A lot of this could have been avoided. This is what hurts the most, I suppose. It makes me so angry at these people who sneak into people's lives, tricking them by false promises of health by going natural. It can happen to anyone. Steve Jobs lost his life this way too. It really makes me furious at how they prey the weaknesses of people. Honestly, I'd have them outlawed and thrown in jail. They are totally evil to me.

I may have to write a short story about this...makes me so mad.

I've got to check on Norrie. It's a gorgeous day and I have a feeling I'll be stuck inside. But I'd rather not push her to do anything to would make her worse. I was sick earlier this week, so I know a little of how she feels. Hopefully, this will be it for a while, cold wise.


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