Today is so foggy and damp. I was wondering why I felt so stiff in my, I know why. It's supposed to warm up...hope so because it feels too cool right now. I'm almost missing the humidity...almost!

We're going to skip this Saturday's Farmer's Market...the end of the month is so tight for people they don't even head out to shop. Everyone who is buying at the market is buying for food. Just the state of the way things are over here. Art is on a lower level when you need to cover your basics. Totally understandable.

I'll probably check out some other venues to sell my work at. Most likely not this year...too late in the season and I'd have to really push my self to make things quickly. There is this Insect fair in State College but they want a huge amount for their tables...$200. Basically, they are renting a larger space and have outgrown their usual accommodations. I'm curious to go but at the same time, would I sell enough to cover the table and make a profit? Honestly, they should charge a $5 fee for people to come in and that would offset the costs of renting/table renting. Maybe they are doing this...who knows. I'll see what happens and consider for next year. Plus, it would give me time to make insect related art (which I love to do).

Speaking of art, I'm doing a Classic Automobile Series....Volkswagen, trailers and Indian motorcycles. And a few robots as well. I feel very mechanical in my carvings lately. lol It's going to be fun. Yesterday, I carved and primed wood. Today, I'll start painting.

We may have an impromptu Art Yard Sale/ yard sale. We shall see. Depends on our energy and weather.

I really need to start putting things on eBay and Etsy...I know I've been slow with this...mostly because of time. Once the kids are in school, I'll be able to get things flowing, well sort of. I need to think about preschool for someone. My feeling is going 1-3 times a week is good exposure and routine for my little guy. I wish I had done this with my gals but they did a lot with me and it was easier having two. They do entertain themselves much better when there are two kids around the same age. I think this will be good for Harrison as everyone is a lot older then he is. Although, he sure can verbalize really well. He'll still slip into tantrum crying but that is to be expected for his age. I sometimes think people want kids to grow up too fast...I don't feel this way at all. I just want to understand why they are behaving a certain way and respond in a way which will be positive and helpful. Norrie used to have terrible tantrums and fall on the ground/kicking and screaming. I'd step away (about 3 feet) and let her go at it and wait till she calms down. It worked most of the time, as I recall. It's better not to engage with kids when they act like this and wait till they calm down.

I think this works for most ages, now that I think about it. I have to laugh at my self as when I'm feeling tired/ grumpy/hungry I don't make any sense and am purely emotional. Once my basic need is met, voila, I'm happy and amiable. An "a-ha" moment. ;)

One of the things I'm learning from life is how much I enjoy volunteering at my church. At first I was like, what have I gotten my self into? But now, I feel like (esp. after a good nights sleep), I'm so grateful and glad to do good works. I really am. It's sort of like adopting a dog. At first your like, what did I just do?? A dog is a huge commitment. It's a life and depends on me. It's attitude and perspective depend on me. It's health/cleaning and sense of belonging, depends on me.After you get some muscle and used to that dog, you start to love that dog because it makes you a better person. That's how I feel about my church. It's a very good church with exactly what I was looking for in a, loving, community organized and positive. Some people might point at my dog's flaws and say oh, she's got an under bite, I don't like puggles, she stinks, she's a hassle, etc, etc. But I know she's got these small imperfections...but I still love her. She might not do everything perfectly (Mr. Nelson was the best at "vacuuming" up crumbs) but she does fit the bill for me. That's how I feel about my church.

One of the things I do to volunteer is update the website, face book and general on-line communications. I also do the church newsletter.  I'm pleased to say I've been doing this for 2 years now. :)

When I used to work at a local children's museum, I also learned how not to respond to people who rather like belittling others. There was as lot of abuse in that place...I later learned I wasn't the only one who got burned. My only regret is I didn't punch certain people. Yes, my Madea is speaking.

Anyway, I'll have to write more later. Certain little ones have just woken up.


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