Thinking of school

Yes, I'm being one of those annoying parents that are breaking the spell of summer. Wah! Summer is leaving and Fall is fast approaching. This is the first time that school is actually starting in September. I'm really surprised and a little pleased too. I was belly aching about how the kids are going back to school but I'm also crying about this too. It seems like this summer went by too fast and we has far too many things to deal with then was fair. I still can't believe that Mr. Nelson is gone...makes me so sad to think of this. He was a great little dog. We also got hit by some bugs and colds. Now, just to keep being healthy and hopefully, not get anything worse. I've learned it's far better to have sneezing then stomach flu's. Bleh.

We also found a nice place to sell during the summer at the Farmer's Market. I'm still tempted to have a trailer on the side of our property and sell work from there. That would be fun and have it opened on Saturdays only. Just a thought.

We also are happy about our little rabbit and guinea pig. They make us smile and keep doing amusing things. Plus, they inspire our art...always a good thing.

Speaking of rabbits...did you hear about the man who jumped off a bridge to save his rabbit? A cruel person threw it over a bridge and this homeless man jumped in to save it. This as in Ireland. If you watch the video, it might make you cry. At least it makes me cry.

I'm working on some new work. I have started a made-to-order artwork line. If you're interested it's only $20 for a 7 by 10 inch painting on wood. :) Great idea for the holidays for a special someone. I work from photos of your pet or fave person.

I'm pleased to announce I was selected for the upcoming art show at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Loretto. My mixed media art piece, Joy, Hope, Love was selected. :) Very happy about this.

Have a good Wednesday!


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