Painting, Cleaning and general puttering

Jon is at the Farmer's market as I type...I'm at home with the kiddos and a playdate, besides. Everyone is in a great mood having just had lunch and feeling upbeat with sweet lemonade in everyone's tummy. lol

I took a long nap the other day...storms had me feeling really sleepy. Feeling great today and the sky is clear with white puffy clouds as if someone had painted them. Which reminds me, I'll need to get back to doing some work too.

Usually, I'm clear headed when it comes to doing art but there are mornings when I feel all thumbs. I need about 1-2 hrs before I can really get my self into the groove. And if I have any immediate needs (read childcare), forget about it. I'm the sort of person who needs to engross one's self in her work.

Argh, I just realized I need to finish up some newsletter stuff. Just checked and nobody has sent in the info I need...yet. Actually, I think there was one email I've got to add...I feel sort of like this is going to be a packed newsletter for church. I have no idea how I'm going to get it all in. We shall see.

I've got to finish some new projects. I'm excited about 3 of them as I'm going to submit them to some places. I already submitted something and I have my fingers crossed. We shall see.

Anyway, things to do and all that. Have a good Saturday!


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