needing to sharpen my wood carving tools...

I'm carving a few new things.....and to my annoyance/dismay I apparently have lost the touch of sharpening my tools. Well, I actually lost the book. I must have thrown it in a pile of books to donate to the library (ARGH!!!!). I searched and searched and searched the house and nada. :( So, I tried to recall in my brain how I sharpened them...used, oil, the gentlest grinding settling on my stone and apparently, I forgot something because my hand is aching and fingers hurt from splintering pieces of wood. bleh.

I'm going to hit the library tomorrow, I hope. Look for a book there. On-line has poor yield. But if anyone is aware about such things as sharpening tools, let me know. Cause, I need help! visual aids are best for me.

Also, today not only is my back aching (playing w/ the kiddos...trying out the hula hoop and then bouncing kids on the exercise ball), now my tummy feels yucky. All day. :( I hope it's not a flu thingy. I can not believe how low my energy is...I even thought I was anemic or something (not likely).
 Fulton Street Artisans' Market
I was looking at some artists set up for their artisan elegant and edgy with handmade items (like their tent) or displaying things in lovely. I've got to do this too. I want to make my stand pop next time and I want to sell a bunch more. I think signage will improve this too.

We are thinking of an Art Yard Sale on Saturday for a few hours. This will give me time to experiment with style/set up. I wish my mom was here...we could totally craft things to sell in a heart beat.


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