fiddle faddle

Cake Jon got me for my b-day. It was very good and pretty

I think that's the name of a candy, actually. I just thought it was a funny title. The youngest Gottshall has a cold. :( He's sniffing and sneezing on me. Bleh. And people wonder why I'm always sick...snot covered children, that's why!

We figured out how to make a bigger cage for our little guinea pig, Sukie. I used a large plastic bin (probably used to store blankets/sweaters) and added some left over wire from a bookshelf we dismantled. It came out great and the Sukie can scurry around and move w/ the greatest of ease. We might be getting another critter tonight, a rabbit. If she needs a bigger cage, we know what to do! :)


I've been a bit down since we lost Mr. Nelson. I'm so grateful we have Penny or I think I'd be much sadder about Nelson's going so soon. I still can't believe he's gone. He was such a sweetheart, if not a stinker sweetheart. :) I still loved him.

This cold has my energy level all off...sometimes I feel upbeat and others, like I just want to nap. I guess that's typical.

On a positive note of sorts, my dad is doing better. But he is also very aware he isn't home and wants/demands to go home but at this point we can't. Mom would have to find a new place ASAP and we can't do that just now. We'd like him to get more therapy and keep calm and give mom a break. But he doesn't understand and with his limited ability he is saying/acting badly to people and my mom. I feel so bad about the whole situation. I just hope he gets therapy for everything so it will be easier to take him home.

The main problem he can't come home is because he was so loud at his apartment (when he was in so much pain). Mom says he's still loud but if they had a more private apartment or mobile home, it would be better/easier. We're looking into that too.

I'm feeling excited (screaming in anticipation) for the kids to go back to school.  I'm seriously thinking of getting some daycare for H. 3 times a week. I know he'd love this and feel like he was a big boy, etc. Also, 3 times a week is much calmer then every day and gives more flexibility. Some of these daycare/preschools are so's really revolting. They seem to want to replace parents w/ schooling and I don't like that. I think I'm old school in that department and feel you need to be there for your kids...even if that means cutting back on stuff/materialism.

The Farmer's Market stuff is doing good. We're getting used to selling/set up. Of course, I let Jon do a lot of this on his own....I really need to help out more. It goes back to feeling a bit overwhelmed w/ caring for the kids and even though I have two older ones, they are still young. :) It works out, either way. It does make me think of opening my own shop...I wonder if my neighborhood is zoned for that sort of thing. Have to research it.

Recent made to order painting:

This was made for an 80 yr old lady. She was smiling ear to ear and showing it off at the Market

So much is happening. I have plans for the Fall...nothing major but things I'd like to accomplish for my own personal growth. And just making more things to sell. I really want to promote my Etsy shop more and get that going. It just seems to be take time. Otherwise, keeping busy with life. We had planned to go out to California this summer but there is also my brother's wedding in, I don't know. Maybe I'll just fly out (gotta save up for that). We shall see.

Lots of stuff to do. Thank goodness for sunny, cool days.

Things I do when I need a creative outlet:

Sinbad Terrence
This is Terrence on his ship playing Sinbad from the Arabian Nights

under the gingko tree about 38 yrs ago. :)
Me at about 2 yrs old. Do what makes you happy...sit in a pile of golden gingko leaves and wave at the neighbors
play with toys and photograph them. I LOVED to do this when I was a kid. So, I'm doing something I love and it makes me HAPPY. :) 


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