I've had several people ask me why I write a blog. Why share your thoughts & feelings to the world? Or else, some people will say don't write about me or how dare you even mention me vaguely.

First, I write to understand a situation or my feelings. Once I see what I feel and understand most of it, I can move past those feelings and not let them overwhelm me. Even my dad didn't want me to share things about him because he was afraid of what other people think (mostly family). It made me sad to know he didn't understand why I wrote. But when I talked to him, I understood why he felt this way. A lot of people still have this mentality that good people have good things happen to them. Bad people have bad things happen to them. This is totally untrue and makes me very sad there is this naive perspective still going around.

This is what the Book of Job totally dismissed. Bad things happen to everyone regardless of their being a good person or bad. Job is an extremely righteous man and wants to the right thing in God's eye. The story shows us that though things and people are taken from us, God is beyond all of this and we need to realize this. For me, it's saying that God or Love is beyond all the trials we have in this world that is full of suffering and to keep focusing on Love especially in our worst times.

So, when I write it's to understand things and people. Sometimes, people do things that surprise me and I want to know why. I'm not writing to pick on them or portray people in a negative light...I'm genuinely trying to understand why someone behaved a certain way. Maybe questioning shows my ignorance, more than anything. Isn't it better to question than to accept things and not wonder why? Anyway, it's hard not to step on toes if you're trying to understand people in your life.

Obviously, this is just my opinion. Nothing is set in stone. People can respond back, etc. My intention isn't to cause controversy but to understand things in a better way. That's why this is my little journal and perspective. Yes, I know it's open to discussion and criticism; that's part of writing publicly.

Anyway, I've got the flu and if this sounds sort of jumbled, this is most likely why. I'd like to take a nap but with sick kids and a 3yr old running around, it's not going to happen. Have a good Wednesday.


jazzbaby1 said…
I think asking someone not to write is akin to asking them not to feel. You have to be free to process things in a way that makes sense to you. You're doing fine, keep it up!
Thank you, Julia. I truly appreciate this. I re-read what I wrote and I did not write anything to defame anyone or be hurtful. It was for my own feelings, as you said. I can see being polite and leaving out names/etc (both of which I did). If I'm wrong about something, that is fine too. I'd rather have someone argue with me then telling me to stop writing.

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