writing part 2

I was reading one of my favorite authors, L. M. Montgomery and she brought up the subject of being honest in your writing. Honesty, truthful or at least trying to discover the truth by writing, is an interesting and valid discussion. 

What makes writing honest and truthful? Is it simply jotting down what one feels? Is it being reflective and open to change in our perspective? I don't have the answer to this. All I know is I do trust my self, I don't call people names (at least not publicly...lol), and I try to hand write my feelings out first before putting my blog out there. Sometimes, I miss my mark and go into a vent of anger or disappointment, but then, I am only human. If I were a robot, I would be either too cold or have a meltdown from all the emotional chaos. :)

When Ms. Montgomery wrote about writing and being honest, it wasn't just about the facts such as someone going to the market, flowers being planted, etc. She was talking about listening to both sides and wondering why people behave in certain ways. Why do people do certain things. Sometimes it's easy to understand...a person is on a diet and decided not to eat after 6pm = don't start any conversation with them during this time or watch out! A person is ill for a number of months = be extra patient and kind to them because they are worn out. That sort of thing. Other times, we may never know why people act certain ways (mental illness, fears, etc).

I have my flaws, certainly. I've written about them on here before and I'm working on them. I stand by what I've written, even in my ignorance or stubbornness. I'd rather share my feelings because I don't think I'm the only one who feels these things as well. By writing my experiences here, I hope to understand things better and in the end understand my self better.


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