It feels like we are continue to go through one illness or another. Poor Harrison has really bad  rash. He's just been down lately from this and I'm trying to keep him comfortable...which isn't easy when you're a little guy and in pain. I was worried this morning because his eyes looked hollow. But he drank and kept liquids down. I tried to make homemade pedialyte and it was just horrible. I don't know why people put this recipe on-line...maybe if you are truly desperate but it was disgusting (I drank some to test). Even after I watered it down & added more sugar...still terrible. Just buy the stuff from the market. I feel sorry for the kids who have to drink this especially when ill. I won't name blogs/websites but if you read anything that says 1 tablespoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar, it is awful. Not everything has to be homemade.

Thankfully, Harry loves chicken noodle soup. So, we had that...salts/liquids and all the right balances. He was content and fell asleep in the highchair. When I put him down, he muttered in his sleep...hurt. I felt so sad. :( I hope he wakes up feeling better.

I'm so sad for my blogger friend, Viv. Praying for her family.

Our weather is being odd...had a heat wave for a week and now, it's going to be 49 degrees tonight. So strange.

We're getting caught up on cleaning...we had a bug infestation and it's obviously not a serious matter in regards to life's mysteries.  It, more or less, gave me some insight to how it feels to be isolated, quarantined and that some people are especially paranoid and don't care how they make others feel. Such is life. I'm afraid to think what a really serious issue might create behavior wise. It did, however, make me feel better about my church and that people have gone through similar things. :) So, this was a comfort.

In other news, my dad was doing better...found out he has 3 years to live (without treatment, 5 yrs with). However, he has a serious heart infection as well as an intestinal infection (caused by too many antibiotics). Hoping all is well as my mom was really tired/feeling down the last time I talked to her. I just hope she's getting rest.

A problem, I've noticed with some doctors, is my dad can't communicate easily because of the strokes and being on so many meds. Factor in that English is his second language and he often slips into Bulgarian when stressed, people write him off. I told my mom this is probably why a lot of people are negative about treatment but it has more to do with his having issues with communication and not the cancer. It's frustrating because he can't talk...and believe me, he LOVES to talk (I remember him falling asleep on the phone because he was chatting for 3 hrs at a time!). So, I know this is so hard and I'm so, so thankful and grateful for my mom and her being so strong for my dad and a good advocate for him. It's so frustrating and maddening because so much of this is because he lost his communication skills from the fall. Just praying, praying that people have patience and kindness to my sweet stubborn dad.


vivian said…
sounds like youre dealing with a lot of stuff too Emily. sometimes life is just plain difficult.
hope your little guy is feeling better soon.
thanks for all the prayers.

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