I need to go to bed in a few. Today was such a long, tiring day. Poor Mr. Nelson (our dog) was one sick puppy. Constantly throwing up and terrible dark bm's. The vet said it's normal for a dog to do this and should be better tomorrow. If not, vet time. I'm just all anxious.

The gals said they saw him sneaking into the cat litter...this might be why. We are using a different litter too. So this morning at 4:30 am we were cleaning and scrubbing up all this mess. :(

Then, my youngest had swollen face from the bug bites and a temp. I gave him some children meds and he is 90% better. My poor niece and nephew have some issues and with mouth & foot virus they caught at daycare, so I'm all worried about this as well. Then, to top it off, my mom is having a hard time at their new apartment because of my dad's talking too loud/yelling in pain. I feel bad but we came up with a lot of good ideas and hopefully, this will be all right soon. The annoying thing is the apartments are very thin walled, apparently, because my mom can hear the neighbors as well. How irritating.

Praying for all of this to be resolved. Lack of sleep does not make a person think better, that's for sure. Got into an argument with my sister. Long story short, we need to respect our parents and remember it's okay to have a different POV.

I feel sad that instead of rejoycing that my mom is closer to my sister, my sister is feeling "stressed". I feel bad because I would be so happy to have my mom and dad closer. I could spend time with them and hang out and help. I'm surprised that people are so over extending themselves, for whatever reason, and not having family time. I know time is important but being with people is so important because we're not here for very long. I guess I feel upset that the first conversation I have with my sister in over a few months, is being yelled at by her. :(  And not even for anything I did...just respecting my mom POV.

I have other feelings but I won't share them here. I'll write them out in my journal. sigh~


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