So many storms have been happening today. I feel a bit like I've gotten this constant ache in my shoulders, arms and hands from the rain pressure. I finally got to take a nap and woke up from distressing nightmares. Mainly, it dealt with my dad's poor health and when they lost their home the 2nd time. A pile of their stuff was heaped up high and we were little kids trying to find out things. It was an awful feeling. I guess it was because I was watching this film called "the Garbage Warrior" and stopped watching at the lawsuit section. It must have triggered something inside me about my dad. Also, I feel so guilty not going to visit when I thought I would be able. I feel like what if my dad doesn't hold out and I miss getting to see him one last time? I dreamed that my mom put the phone to his ear and he was trying to tell me something but it was garbled but a happy he was happy to hear from me.

I'm glad my sister and brothers got my mom and dad moved in their new place. I guess I feel like I wish I could have helped with that. I feel exhausted even thinking about it and sad not to be able to help out. I'll keep praying things go well. I just want my dad to start to improve. When he was in the car being driven, his arm handicapped arm (from the stroke) was pulled and swelled up. :( It should be getting better according to the nurse. I hope so.

I hope tomorrow is nice and we can dry out a little. This storm was supposed to have a tornado in it. I don't know about that but we certainly got enough rain.


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