Monday Chores

My ears are still not 100% from this head cold...pain and a bit dizzy. I'm going to give it one more day and then go to the doctors. Got up at 4 am and tried to do all the home remedies I could think of...didn't really help.

I did take dayquil and did some chores with that energy. I probably should have rested. However, it was a desperate situation with the fridge literally stinking up the house every time it was opened.ugh!! Now, it is nearly spotless...still, need to clean the door shelves.

We're also having an issue with carpenter ants. I have to find what they are searching for and clean that up too. Do I feel like doing any of this? No. I just want to nap. But I have to get this stuff done and entertain the man cub. I still need to see if we have enough pull ups and what not's or I'm in trouble.

I'm proud that I got the fridge cleaned out and the floor mopped in the kitchen. It was bad. The man cubs feet were gray! Yuck!  Got to do a few more rooms...light mopping.

Looks like more rain is on the way. I feel tired thinking about it. I just hope it's not storming when I pick up the kids. What a wet end of school....

Dad is doing mostly stable. Not needing to go to the hospital, yet. We figure he'll be ready to go by the end of middle of June. It's depressing on several levels. We're trying to be upbeat. The great thing is my mom and dad are closer to my sister, now. I feel like they are protected and safer. Plus, their new apartment is so much nicer then the older complex. They are considerate, mindful and polite. The other complex wouldn't tell them when they turned off the power/water and would take months to get something fixed. So, I'm very glad for them and esp. my mom. :)


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