Hot day and warm cars

Had to do an number of things mortgage, mail boxes, zip over to the market, and home again...with 3 kids. By the time we got everything done, only an hour and half, it was past noon and hot, hot, hot. My middle kiddo kept saying her tummy was yucky but the temptation for Pringles chips overwhelmed her good sense and she ended up throwing up in the back of the car.

The good thing about all of this is, I didn't lose my cool and I figured out how to drop the seats down and be able to clean up everything really well. It was so hot, I don't blame her for not feeling great.

In addition to all of this, we've been royally clutzy of late. Falling down, skinning knees and hands, bumping and scraping on things. Maybe everyone is going through a growth spurt or something because you have to give them a 3 foot range of space or watch out. Poor Jon got stepped on 3 times and the youngest one figured out how to head bump me several times. Geesh.

We've been researching polymore clay and want to try that soon. I have no idea how to do it but I do have some packets I got a while back. Give it a try and see what happens.

I need to talk to my mom and see how things are going.  I hope people are spoiling her and that is why I haven't gotten through to her. We shall see.

I actually bought some diet root's pretty good and I hope not as bad as coke. I have no idea. Wish I had picked up vanilla ice cream now. Oh, well...

Have a great weekend. Stay cool and leave water out of the critters if it's hot were you are. I need to make some bird baths too.


vivian said…
HI Emily, I'm trying to spend a couple hours this morning doing some blog reading and catching up on all my bloggy gal pals. Thank you for you love, support and prayers over the last few weeks. this blogging community rocks.
hot days and kids.. turn on the sprinkler! I hope your daughter is feeling better now. poor girl. hopefully it was just from the heat.
have a great weekend!
Thank you, Vivian. She is feeling a lot better. :) I'm praying for you and your family. Love heals all things.

We are definitely pulling out the sprinklers and making popsicles. :)

Peace and love,

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