Gorgeous Day

I wish my camera batteries hadn't died and I could photograph this moment. The sun is shining, the humidity is gone and everything looks and feels fresh. I'm very happy for this moment...to be with my children and helping them learn some new things, folding the clean laundry and Mr. Nelson is feeling better and nearly back to his perky self. :) Grateful for all of these homey comforts.

My middle daughter just ran by asking for the bug vacuum. She has found a carpenter ant to observe. I love this about her. My eldest is so funny with being a mother hen and yet, wanting her own space and likes to argue with me. :) It's interesting and fun to see them interact and mature.

My youngest is mopping the floor and most likely imitating me. I guess I've been puttering around the house. I love days like this. I just need my sweet hubby here and all would be well. But work puts food on the table and my sweet man has to do this. Wish he could work from home. Oh, well. :)

I feel optimistic and hopeful about a few different things. I little sad about some relationships but I know God will take care of that. I'm just happy so many good things are happening and I feel like this moment, at least is a blessing.

Also, I got 10 hrs of sleep because I went to bed really early. lol I think this helps tremendously. I might try and make this a habit. Good ol' Ben Franklin had it right.

Jon's birthday is coming up as well as Father's Day. :) I'm grateful that my dad is still here to celebrate Father's Day.


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