Good Father's Day

As you might imagine, I was missing my dad on Father's Day...being in Pennsylvania and him being in the hospital in California...not easy. The good thing is a lot of loving people visited him, prayed and spent time with him. He actually communicated, saying "Amen" after the prayer. They were all surprised and he tried to talk and say some things but became frustrated and cried. everyone was crying. My brother said we need to get him speech therapy so, I hope this is a possibility.

When we found out dad has bone cancer everywhere, it was very discouraging. I started to feel hopeless especially because he didn't seem to be there and was in so much pain. But since the doctors have him on stronger antibiotics for his heart infection, he actually is responding, communicating and in less discomfort. I'm so happy about this. It gave me a sense that not everything is lost and perhaps, dad can be here for a little longer.

For my little family, we seem to have week after week of annoying things happening. Last week, it was Mr. Nelson being ill, throwing up, etc, etc and finally feeling better. I really thought he wasn't going to make it but the vet was confident and correct in her diagnosis of him. Then, this week we have a bug issue on the kids. The itchy kind that everyone turns their noses up to. Well, we've got them and have been cleaning like crazy. Of course, I'm feeling itchy just writing about all of this. So annoying! I guess it's about being social with kid and all that.

Vacation Bible School is in full swing. The kids are enjoying this. Today was so gloomy and we needed to get out. Usually a walk makes me feel good but I just felt even sadder. I really think we got used to the sunny days! :)

I've been painting, finally. Put some new things up on Zazzle. Some cute Guinea pig Tee-shirts of summer. I'll have some for each holiday...little by little I'll add them on. Probably will make a calender for next yr with the images. :)


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