Dad's in the hospital

My dad was admitted to the ER, again. I'm hoping everything is going all right as it's a new hospital. I feel sad everything is going upside down with the new city my mom and dad are in. I hope things calm down and things can get stable. Praying that everything will work out. Most likely he needs a blood transfusion and some sort of arm brace (his parallyzed arm is sevearly sprained). I'm hopeful and grateful my mom is there to do so much.

Went to bed too late last night. Got to make sure to go to bed early. That's my new motto. I actually watched a TV called "Futurama". They have new episodes on Comedy Central and kept showing connecting episodes...after the 3rd one, I lost interest. Annoying. I used to really like that show but now, it's just fun if you have someone else to watch it with and see their reaction. I hate watching TV or a movie alone. So boring and extra lonely. Jon was taking out the trash while I crashed with the dogs.

The good news is Mr. Nelson is back to his normal eating and habits. I'm so happy about this as he was really looking/feeling awful. A dog can really show they are not 100%. He's still grumpy when he has to go out the door in the morning but after he gets some sunshine or if I got out with them, he perks up. Penny was sick about 2 months ago and I wonder if it was some sort of doggie flu? Or just that they ate something not good. Either way, both are doing good and I'm happy.

We've been going on walks w/out the pups and it feels sort of strange and empty. Glad they are feeling better and going to be ready for walkies. Mr. Nelson lost at least 3 pounds...feels skinny. Poor guy.

I feel like things are getting back to normal. We have a new router for the computer (last one totally broke) and we should be able to print and use netflix again. Little by little.

Today is definitely a 2 coffee cup sort of day.


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