I had written another blog but it seems to be lost. I talked to my mom and he's in the hospital. The situation was partially brought on because my dad's arm was hurting him and because he is very loud. The apartment manager gave my mom 3 warnings about his moaning/pain noises and less then a week to change everything. She finally got the meds and my sister rushed them off to the hospital because she felt it was the thing to do. They had 30 days to get things resolved but some people weren't patient and now, my mom is all upset and rushed. I don't know what to do but keep praying and hope things change/calm down.

The sad thing is we all thought moving to this apartment would be better for mom and dad...but now we know it wasn't and just made more problems on several levels. I also now know how people respond in times of stress and let me just say, it's not pretty. :(

Deep breath. Things will be better. I trust that a lot of things will get resolved and I trust that this situation is temporary. My mom was very worried about the convalescent issue...the terrible experience they had the first time...and I know this time will be better because dad has a feeding tube, etc. So, it will be all right.

I'm exhausted about all of this and have a sore neck from stress. I know things will be better soon. I just wish people were patient and more understanding.


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