wild wind

felt like the car was going to blow over while driving to pick up the kids. Definitely a storm is brewing. The sky is paint bucket blue with some sheep wandering around and the heat feels warm and sluggish. It's windy one second and within the next moment, a still life. Odd.hopefully, doesn't mean a hurricane or something. Anyway, I feel tired and achy from the weather. Did a bunch of chores, did some art, got up on time and all that even after I stayed up till 1 watching a Buddha documentary. Don't ask me why. Just felt like seeing something uplifting and positive.

Gotta help the kids with their "Learning Fair Projects". Just gave the order to get on the ball and do their homework. Geesh, what is it with kids and the warm weather? I've been trying to get them to do their work/projects and it's nearly impossible.

I'm exhausted thinking about it all. Life. What can you do? Take a nap, I guess.

I've got to update the calendar and see what's up next...birthdays, my brother's & brother-in-law. Was planning to do a wood carving of his fave animation character or video game character but he never got back to me. He's got wedding's on his mind. lol

The good thing is my ankle is better...still twinges when I move it a certain way. It's 85% better.

have a good week. I need a nap.

Nap zone (that's not me, btw but I love the smile)


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