I guess it's a common hear a piece of music or hear something a beloved friend or parent likes, would have liked, and you are overwhelmed by how much you want to share with them or tell them. Either they have passed away or if ill, you want them to be able to acknowledge/be aware of what is around them...even for a few seconds.

I'm so grateful I had a chance to talk to my Dad in the weeks before the stroke(s) and even if he argued with me, I didn't mind. We were talking and it was good. I just wish he could do this now. I know, baby steps and I need to think of it as this. It's just hard because you miss that person. And even if they are a different person, you love them all the more at the same time you mourn.

Well, here I was feeling down and I look outside. The birds are building a nest in the wisteria. It is a heart shape. I'll take a photo...


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