Snow/rain, lunch time, baking a turkey...

So, I thought it was genius to start baking the turkey at 9 in the morning. We have one of those free turkeys saved from way back during Thanksgiving. Thank goodness for a deep chest freezer...really helps on saving things when buying bulk or for the free thanksgiving turkey. I defrosted this turkey for 3 days and it was finally ready to bake. Now, I'm counting down till it's done. Of course, the house smells phenomenal. All the animals are being extra good...I just know I'll be hounded once I take this thing out of the oven. We're having a Thanksgiving theme for dinner tonight. lol

I've been doing the "Just Dance 3" nearly every day or every other day. Well, last night I must have over did a dance move as my knee feels like the muscle is weak and in pain. sigh. I'll have to wrap it. My knee only hurts when I got upstairs or walk quickly. I thought I was getting fit but I guess I shouldn't push my self too much.

Things are stable with dad. He's still at the hospital, supposed to get out, I believe, today. I feel really tired about everything, emotionally. I know he's doing better...took 12 or more steps forward and back. The therapist said the more he does his old favorite things, the more of his memory will come back. This is very positive. I told my mom to give him a disconnected phone to use...he loved talking on the phone...might help with his memory.

If I think about all of what has happened, I will become too overwhelmed. I'm glad I can do my art and have my family to take care of. I'm also grateful for doing the volunteer work Jon and I have been doing at our church as well. It's good to have these things to do and allow your self to worry so much. Believe me, I know how to worry. But for now, I'm staying positive, praying and hopeful.

I've got to make some time to find some photos of my aunt and create a memorial for her. It makes me sad to know she is gone but relieved she didn't suffer too long.

It's snowing and cold over here. Jon's mom made chili yesterday and I wish I had the parts to make my own version of it for lunch. She adds green bell peppers. I love that. :)

Okay, I've got to check on that turkey. Lunch time is calling my name. I read somewhere that some men think it's immature that women use the "LoL" (laughs out loud) acronym in their writing. First of all, it's not immature...just a way of expressing one's self. 2nd, it's very controlling of the person to be annoyed by a form of expression. 3rd, it gives me a bad impression of the person being annoyed by emotions. It's so silly to be annoyed by this and mean spirited to call women who do write "lol" as juvenile. I use "lol" when I actually do laugh out loud. I don't know why this bothered me...I guess it's the sense that men aren't supposed to express themselves and women express themselves "too much". Funny, how if we're not aware of it, we fall into stereo types. ah, well...


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