quiet Saturday

bluebird in rain puddle

There's a touch of chill to the air with the possibility of rain. It's a nice feeling of expectancy and makes you feel the world is getting greener by the moment. I love that feeling.

I found out if you tell a child to look for moss and help you find it, you will have handfuls of it in a few minutes. My middle girl found so much moss, I'm going to have to get started on that moss graffiti project soon. I'm glad we had more moss than I realized, too. :) And here I was wandering down the road looking for bits in the alleys. gotta laugh at my self for that.

I wish I had brought my camera the other day. The sky was very blue and the clouds were nearly alive, changing into all sorts of creatures just for our amusement, it seemed. It was a good feeling.

I talked to my Mom a few days ago. Dad is doing well...a little up and down in his communication but basically, like he was before the 2nd stroke. So, this is optimistic. My sister is helping a lot with getting plans made for my Mom and Dad to move into a better apartment. So, we're happy about this.

Jon is doing yard work and clearing brush. It looks better, just hope we didn't make the birds and rabbits too disturbed by all of this. I keep dreaming of fencing up the yard and chopping down the maple tree (or just trimming it a little)and make that side of the yard nice. Little by little.

I burned my fingers on shrinky dinks and they still hurt. :( The kids were making stuff and one of the pieces bent over and I tried to save it. Oh, well.

I feel really tired...cleaned out the garage (a little), played w/ the kids, and did some cleaning. I can't believe it's 6pm already. Harry fell asleep on the floor and I covered him with a blanket. He had a lot of quality time with daddy and did a lot of playing. It was a good day.

Kids are so cute and so annoying sometimes. I guess that's what most people are like...ha ha. I guess I feel a bit grumpy and would like to take a nap but they need me. I'll get over it.

Have a great weekend. :)


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