Packed to the top Tuesday

Rainy day walk
It feels like since 6am, I've been running around doing everything...Yesterday, was actually worse. Today is much, much better for several reasons...basically, connecting and communicating has been accomplished and I'm happy about that. But it was a really stressful weekend with added anxiety.

Then, I volunteered putting together the church newsletter. I'm going to be getting more responsibility with working on the church website (wow!) and doing communication with the congregation. I'm glad to be able to do something for our church and be a help. :)

Harrison is getting to the destroy and conquer stage...the Stitch stage as I call it. Do you remember Lilo and Stitch? Remember when the little blue alien made a mock up of San Francisco and then stomps and crashes it away? That's Harry.

I feel exhausted because of the stuff we did today...walkies, grocery shopping, laundry, hunting for a lost toy saw, the cold weather, my sprained knee, driving kids around back and fourth 4 times a day and making/cleaning food/home. I'm tired of even thinking. The good thing is I did start to paint a little but I'm no were near what I wanted to do art wise. I did sew a bunch of clothing alterations and the kids have pants that fit again. :) Basically, I found out how to alter the waist of pants...and did some for my self too.

happy hamstersI finally swept the first floor (couldn't yesterday because of extreme knee pain...Just Dance moves I overly danced, I guess) and found that nobody had helped me. Geesh. I even asked them/him to last night as I stumbled to bed early because of pain. sigh...

Today was better in this regards. I can walk upstairs pretty well. Just putting/tying shoes hurts like heck when I cross my leg over my knee. Hopefully, this is a mild strain and I'll feel better soon.

There is a church meeting and after that I have a meeting later this week in the morning. I'm tired thinking about all that. My brother's b-day is this week. :)

I just want to fall asleep for 2 hrs but that's not going to happen. I need to go make a salad for dinner. This sounds exciting.

Have a good week. :)


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