Just did some gardening

Or intensive raking of old branches. I'm exhausted...well, my arms and wrists hurt, that is. I'm glad it's done now. For some reason, I thought that if I put all the branches I trimmed off the old Christmas tree on the ground, it would become mulch. Not quite. Oh, well. I cleaned it up now. :) I found this recipe for a Summer Soup. It sounds really good. I need something comforting after all this emotional stuff. Plus, my dad pulled out his feeding tube last night and was rushed to the ER. I honestly think he thought it was a telephone because before I hung up talking to my mom I swear he said "Phone, here, Phone here". I think he wanted to try and talk on the phone! So, I'll ask my mom to give him a phone (not connected or connected depending on if any one is available to talk). The therapist said the more he does his old behaviors more of his memory and ability to function will come back. This is very hopeful. In other news, the kids Learning fair went off really well. The kids worked hard on their projects and Jon got some good photos. I was too tired to go and Harrison was being crabby. I'll post pictures soon. There is a new format for blogger and I'm tempted to start over, again. I hope I won't mess up things too much but I would like to see some things change and have access to people's links right on my page. We shall see. I feel sort of dulled...maybe it's the emotional stuff or allergies. Maybe both. I just exhausted and ready to sleep in on the weekend. I think it was odd how I felt so emotional the day after my aunt passed away. I guess I felt something then. I also feel badly about what I wrote about my cousin not bringing her back to CA. I need to remember it costs money to transport people and if they are very ill, it's impossible. So, I forgive her. I'm also glad my dad did get to see her one more time. Life is so chaotic sometimes. But that is life as one of my church friends said. I like his attitude. Oh, and if there are some things that aren't spelled right, please forgive me as I can't find the spell checker.


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