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Skunk Encounter II

I was looking at some art, the art directed me to some website/on-line magazine. I clicked on their blog section and boy, it felt like I got off the bus on the wrong street. It was not horrible but not pleasant either. Honestly, I feel like a lot of people are writing stuff while on medication and this makes them a wee bit too open or something. VERY strange and honestly, kind of gross. I felt sorry I even bothered checking out the link/magazine. It reminded me of the free magazines you often find in big cities that have a bunch of yuck in it which equals advertisements/money.

Why do people have to sink to the lowest denominator when it comes to magazines/free newspapers? It's annoying and ugly. Very discouraging...

Anyway, enough about that. Besides family stuff I'm sad about, I saw several animals that had been hit by cars. I don't like seeing that but it does happen. Poor rabbits. Today, there was a skunk. I'm especially fond of skunks. I don't know why. But I love them even if they smell. They are just so cute. So, it was depressing to see this little creature laying there. Of course, I said a little prayer for it (as well as any animal I see laying there). I wish everyone would drive slower...but even that doesn't work (I drove over a baby bird once...long story basically, I wasn't sure it was a bird until after I drove over it. still makes me feel sad. And I was driving slow, too). So, I don't know. I did see a truck go by scooping up the dead animals. I think sometimes the smell of an animal attracts other critters and they become vulnerable too. :(

I've got to do something to get me out of sad thoughts. Of course, being rammed by a 3 year old ought to help a little.


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