feeling a bit down

Just learned that my Auntie Dimka is in a coma. She has been very ill and now, it looks like she is leaving us soon. I feel really grumpy/sad and overwhelmed. I feel so sad that she was left in Oklahoma by her daughter and that she was so far away from family/friends in California. She had some strange idea to move to Oklahoma about 12 years ago and the last few years have been very hard with her mental health going down and then physically getting hurt (she broke her hip at the convalescent hospital).

I feel sad and angry about all of this because it reminds me of my dad, etc. I feel like I've just been working on family stuff all day and then this sad thing happens. Plus, it's cold again and I didn't go out for walk.

Praying that my aunt is at peace and comfortable. I have lots of good memories of her and pray that she is in a good place.


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