Easter Eggs

Planning to color a few...I just saw this blog at Posie Gets Cozy and will have to try this! It is so darling and delicate...I hope I can try at least 3 eggs...Jon used up my store of eggs (I had nearly 3 doz and then checked and there was half of this because he cracked 6 of them (who stores food on top of eggs!?!) and used some for scrambled eggs).

Anyway, gotta clear up a space to start the egg prep. Tomorrow, I'm making Spring rolls for Easter as well. I thought that would be fun.

The kids did one Easter egg event but it turned out sort of flat and overly controlled. Basically, they walked in a line and got candy from various organizations. My eldest felt like saying, "Trick or Treat". The first thing they told me when they got home was it was a rip off. It was free, so I don't see it being that bad...but it didn't live up to expectations. Isn't that the way with life? lol


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