Within the dark bare branches, buds push forth

and at last, the light green of leaves appear as if by magic. And oh, when one sees the antics of people the term mad as a March hare seems so appropriate.

For me, I've gone mad with cleaning and changing things around. And the annoying thing is there is a lot to do. I can't even begin the list without feeling a vague sense of "Oh, if there were only 3 more of me..." feeling.

Plus, I'm all nervous as I am hosting Easter and Lydia's birthday. Oh, my...I have to paint the chairs, maybe get a few more (or bring in the bench Jon made and use that as extra seating), reupholster the seats, clean up the dining room, paint the hutch (we got an unfinished one...I love it!)and clean out the kitchen. I did start the kitchen (under the stove) and it was scary. Next is the cabinets and then rearranging that room and if possible, paint the kitchen. This freaks me out but it's doable.

After all of this, there is still stuff I need to do like cleaning the carpet in the hallway, do the bathroom stuff (removing old lining around the tub). Okay, it's not too bad. I don't have to do it all in a day but I want to have it all planned out and finished so I can concentrate of making the meal. At the moment, I feel stressed out because two of my favorite 8 and 9 year olds are fighting and being really bratty. Lord, give me strength! Mr. H is sleeping and that is a relief. I will definitely do more walks in the morning if it equals a snoozing toddler. :) :)

I was feeling pumped up and not too tired but I can feel the afternoon tired feeling ebbing it's way in. I might have to take a cat nap before Jon gets home. He's bringing Chinese food and I have to make rice to go with it.

I did a lot even if the house is a mess and my eldest actually pointed out me being a messy artist. How embarrassing. :(

I need to call my Mom as well and see how everything is going. There was an annoying situation with their roommate and I hope it's being settled calmly. More stress for my poor Mother. She does not deserve that.

I'm making her a care package. I hope she likes it. :)


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