Windy Friday

Well, for about 3 hrs we had some sunshine and it was so lovely. It felt as if I had technicolor glasses on and all the plants, cars, buildings were brightly lit from inside. Now it's gray again. Oh, well. I did see my first robin. It's a good feeling to know spring is on it's way regardless of fickle March.

My Dad is still in the same situation. I thought he'd be more alert/aware but he's still in this sleep sort of place. They gave him 2 blood transfusions because he had bleeding in his stomach (from blood thinners). His cancer treatment is doing better and they were glad we got a feeding tube placed as it would make his treatment better by taking proper nutrients,etc. All I can do is sigh heavily, pray, and hope things at least are normal for a little bit. We were hoping he'd come home last week but he's still at the hospital. Maybe next week...It's so painful because even with all these issues, cancer, stroke and heart attack, the fall had made everything that much worse.

It's stressful being away and I'm glad I can talk to everyone about things on the phone. I'm very grateful that he's getting proper care. It's good that we are trying every option otherwise, we would always regret this. A miracle would be great even with the reality hitting us in the face.

Well, I think it's lunch time as I keep thinking about making rice. I want to find some easy recipes for Japanese style bento lunches. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of mini-cookie cutters for making cute food. I'd like to try that for the kids (and myself). If not, just making a fun Japanese inspired lunch would be cool. Have a good Friday.


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