Today I did an unusual amount of chores. I realize now that I have been very slack in my house keeping. Honestly, I think it was from all the physical problems I had 2 yrs ago. I must be better if I'm going crazy with Spring cleaning. :) It's good.

I feel bad about my daughter's Pennsylvania project. I didnhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif't realize there was a paper with instructions...just listened to my daughter's verbal explanation. We got it wrong and she was mortified. But it's a good thing, really. It will teach her to double, triple check her self when it comes to accomplishing tasks. She's a bit like me and will run through something because she either understands it/is excited about the work. Lesson learned.

I'm very proud of my self today. I didn't yell at the kids once. :) Well, I got a little annoyed at Mr. H as he was in the mood to crunch up gold fish crackers between his fingers, letting them fall onto a big puddle of water he poured all over. Sigh.

I've been trying this meditating practice called 1 moment meditations. It really makes me aware of calming down, relaxing and being in the moment. I enjoy this and it helps you to relax.

This warm weather had me spinning around in a dizzying pattern of clearing out and cleaning. Thank goodness Jon is doing dinner (with a little coaxing). I might go upstairs for a little nap.

The 1st part of kitchen redo is mostly done...next, painting. Dreading this.

I feel a little annoyed because Jon is confused about everything in the kitchen. sorry I upset the balance of chaos by cleaning. Geesh!

Okay, it's time for a nap. Have a good weekend.


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