reupholstering = sore fingers

My wrists are aching too but this might be the rain we're supposed to get tomorrow. I'm VERY pleased with how the couch is coming along. I got one arm down and cut fabric for the other side and the back. I got a huge load of upholstery fabric from a church friend and have been putting it to use. I might even need to get more for the other couch but I'm not going to worry about that now. Just finish the 1 and go on from there. My goal is to have most of the room finished for Easter.

I worked on it all day and fell asleep about 5pm. Jon came home and found me sleeping on the couch minus cushions. I don't know why I did that but I just had to lay down for a bit. I crawled upstairs afterwards, and slept till 9pm. It's rain related sleep...happens almost every time.

Anyway, I feel good about the stuff I'm doing even if my fingers are not happy. It feels like I smashed them in a door or something. The good thing is I'm about 65% done.

I'm also painting this cabinet I got from my sis-in-law. It was nearly a black stain and I am going white. I was trying to do a shabby chic thing but it didn't work because the paint is semi-gloss...I hate that rough feel. So, I have to repaint it w/ gloss. Jon got black paint for the dining room chairs. We're going to paint them black and I'll add some flowers to the sides...sort of a folksy look. Jon also got wood to make new seat backs and I'm going to put new padding/fabric on this. Should really spiff up the dining room.

Things are going well with my Dad in terms of being stable. The therapist said he's regressed from trauma which makes me sad. I'm hoping he'll continue feeling better. It's just so upsetting. Jon never thought he'd die...he felt Dad was stronger then this and even with the head trauma, would make it. This is reassuring. Praying it is true and Dad continues to come back to us, even if it is small pieces.

I feel tired and for some reason am craving strawberry ice cream. It's cold again and you'd think I'd want coco or something. We had to bring in all the plants as they would freeze, poor things. I hope it's better tomorrow as they are crowding the house.

Well, I've got to get some sleep. I can't believe it's Wednesday. I need to do some wood carving as I feel like it's been ages. So much house stuff is taking up my time...but I can squeeze out a few minutes, I think. well, I better go to bed as I'm yawning up a storm and it's a busy one tomorrow.


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