Rain, thunder, sunny and humid

This is a mixed up sort of day...it's a wonder if anyone feels normal. Norrie is home sick. She was telling me she didn't feel good this morning but I attributed it to being sore from gym yesterday. Later today, she had a fever of 100 and was not eating lunch. So, home she came.

I feel out of sorts as I didn't do any walking/just dance in two days and need to start that again. It really helps me feel better emotionally as well.

The house is messy from all the painting/Spring cleaning going on but it's getting done. And Jon said he is taking two days off from work to help too. So, I'm pleased.

I feel a bit exhausted from all the stuff happening, but there is progress. Plus, I found out a neat way to solve my curtain issue (several came out much shorter due to a cutting mishap). I'm going to add doilies to the edging and give it a romantic look. I hope I have enough.

Anyway, today is so busy. I've been doing chores and nothing seems accomplished for some reason. It'll get done, just need to take a break and get back into the game. ;)


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