(called my Mom at 3am my time and we got things planned for tomorrow if things are better. Should be all right, I hope).

This is the blog post I started before I called:

I'm up at 2:25am because I've had a series of bad dreams about my Dad. I talked to my Mom in the afternoon and things weren't going too well at that time. My Dad was in serious pain (I could hear him yelling in the background) and I'm hoping they were able to relieve some of it. It has to do with his prostate tumor and having normal body functions. I won't go into detail; it's just very painful for my Dad and we worry he'll have another stroke if he struggles too much.

I read about head trauma's and a lot of the symptoms seem to fit my poor Dad...extreme irritability and not recognizing people as well as loss of any desire for things he likes to do. It really makes me sad.

I prayed and tried to let it go to God but it's very difficult when you want to help and your heart is pounding from worry. I feel like things are probably resolved.

**now, it's after I called**

Feeling better somewhat and I do feel things will work out for his pain issues. I just want his mental health to be a little more stable and not so garbled. Just a matter of time and if need be getting him to the hospital. It's 3:30am and I'm starting to yawn...hope, I can sleep. Tomorrow Jon is going to a church conference and I'll be home w/the kiddos. I think we'll just hang out and putter around esp. if the weather is rainy. Have a good weekend.


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