Lovely Spring weather

It has been incredibly beautiful over here for the past few days. Warm, a bit a rain, sunshine and just what most poets describe in April. So odd for March but I'm not complaining! I had many windows open to let in that sweet air. Of course, it makes me sneeze/have sinus issues but what ever. So nice to have fresh air! We'll probably start putting in an air conditioner or two soon.

We did have a brush fire about a week ago at Horseshoe Curve (railroad museum/site). That was sad and it really made the air stink. I don't like smokey smells.

I had a impromptu bbq on Saturday and it took forever for me to light. I got engulfed w/ smoke and that is not good for me (or anyone really). Today is much better...only a slight headache.

The good thing is I finished the cushions for the couch from the material I got from a church friend. :) I need to take more fabric and attach it to the couch...just not sure how to. I might have to get an upholstry needle set. My fingers are cringing at the thought.

Got to talk to my Mom for an hour...we just talked about random stuff and we're hoping things work out well this week for support/aid. She has a roommate who is going to leave. Thank God because this person was so abusive! I still can't believe what a mean person she is to my Mom and everyone, really. She has to have everything her way, doesn't help anyone and doesn't listen to the 1 or 2 things my Mom asked her to do (not to close my Dad's door as the lock was broken...she did any way and my Dad was locked in there for 10 minutes till my Mom could get it open. It's fixed now, thank goodness). This person was really awful...yelling, screaming, etc,etc. She yelled at the manager and now has to leave. I'm very glad...even if this means we have to help out more. It's all right because my Mom and Dad do not deserve such treatment. The sad thing is my Mom had thought they were friends, admired her for so many things but in the end, this person is extremely selfish and didn't see anyone as anything but something to use. Scary individual.

So much is happening. It feels like a blur. My Dad is even more stable but the stroke has left his mental abilities regressed. We are all angry at 1 doctor in particular for not doing anything to bring him to the hospital (in fact, refusing him) and saying there is nothing she can do. It was a lie. It also made problems for the convelscent home where he was staying...they had their hands tied w/out approval from this doctor. It was my brother, David, who basically saved my Dad's life. He got him in the car and drove him 2 blocks to the hospital. The emergency team was like why didn't he get her sooner?? This is what makes us all sick. I feel so angry about it. I also learned there were other patients in the convelscent hospital w/ similar and even worse conditions than my Dad. Their doctor came to the patients bed, talked to the family, brought x-rays and said we are going to do everything we can. Why is their doctor doing all he can and ours is like, let him die? I find this VERY disturbing and upsetting.

The good thing is different doctors are starting to take care of our Dad and listen to my Mom (which they are supposed to do in the first place) and he is responding. For some reason, he when he does talk, says angry "Don't bother me" "stop it", "Stupid". The therapist said this is good nonetheless and to get a speech therapist to come and start working with him. That is reassuring. Now that he is getting all his meds for cancer and everything, he is doing a lot better. I just hope his mental abilities start to return and he isn't always so regressed. He acts like a 3 yr old...which is scary in a tall person. I'm hoping there will be more awareness of who my Mom is, my brothers and sister and me.

We're thinking of getting my Mom and Dad to move back over here...might take some planning to do this. We have to see how things go. The main thing is to keep things stable, get Mom support/help and pray things continues to progress in a good way. It's a blessing to know that Dad is still here but it sure as heck took a lot of energy/patience to get it to happen. I think the problem was my Dad was so good at masking his illness/pain/mental illness it makes people think he is normal when they talk to him. And this is why some people lash out at him, not knowing he is so sick. Still, a doctor should know better.

Well, I've got to get the day started...or rather, continues what I was doing. Break time is over. Monday is usually Laundry day and I've got quite a few piles. Plus, the critters need to be cleaned up. Thank goodness for their cuteness or I'd probably have a bunch of rabbits instead of guinea pigs. lol Grateful for all the little critters in my life, my sweet bratty kids and my messy hubby. I'm grateful for a good church, friends, family and for the insightful and kind comments of readers of this blog. So much to be grateful for...even stinky dogs. :) Have a great Monday!


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