got that sleepy feeling

Well, that 2am wake up is having it's effect. I have a 3 yr old standing on my chair while I'm typing, so we'll see how long this lasts. He's tired of TV, toys, and just wants to jump on me. sigh...I feel sleepy and cold.

Tomorrow, we're having pretzels at church but Jon bought the wrong kind. I think it will be all right...just not so much mess. I guess that's good. Everyone is chipping in and that is nice. I just wish we had the right pretzels, oh well. I can return it as I opened the box.

I made fish tacos for the first time. The flour tortilla's were too moist and soggy but otherwise not bad. I added lime and that was quite good.

The gals have gone over to a friends to play, I feel like taking a nap and if I even try I'll be covered by cats upstairs. I totally lost track of time and didn't finish half the things I want to make to sell for Easter. They will still be available in Etsy...little bunnies.

The paint I used to paint some stuff (furniture) was really annoying as it was totally flat. I like a bit of gloss to make things smooth to the touch. And Harrison keeps scratching up the furniture to add his special touch. sigh

Besides some rain this weekend, the rest should be in the 60's and sunny. Thank goodness as I'm SICK of the cold. I got spoiled from the heat and I want it back.

The tulips are popping up everywhere and I checked, the mint is growing. So, I'm pleased to see it's still alive. We need to do some gardening and get some stuff planted, etc. We shall see.

There was an art show drop off at Bedford but I didn't have anything made or, I had to skip it this time. :( I have some ideas I want to create and will start once Easter and Lydia's birthday is over.

I've gotta make coffee. :)


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