Garden daze

I cut down a huge hedge thing that was growing by our garage. It was meant to be a small bush but it turned into a tree, so I cut it back to a normal size. I'm proud to get it down. Next, brush removal.

The last few days has heated up everything till we are now at 80 degrees. I think the Bank temperature guide was wrong...said 91! Yeah, right.

All the blossoms are blooming and exploding flowers everywhere. Bugs are in a daze and are going to have to work double time to keep up. The first lawn was mowed today. I'm still surprised by that sound. Hopefully, I don't have too many allergy attacks. We shall see.

At this moment, my wrists are killing me from all the yard work. Tomorrow, I'll feel better. I can't believe some places it's still snowing. Incredible. We're supposed to get a bit of rain on Saturday...we need it.

Talked to my Mom and things are stable. Slowly, my Dad is speaking. Usually, they are words of anger or negative but I guess that makes sense considering all that he has gone through. That is what the therapist is saying. Hopefully, the more he talks the more he'll purge himself if these feelings and start to come back to us. It's so stressful and upsetting...and yet, we are so, so grateful he is here. I'm excited about seeing everyone in June. I'm so grateful for my brothers to be there and help. There is so much to do. I hope I can do my part as well.

Their roommate is leaving and that is a relief. My Mom and Dad will have to move as well but they are going to get a Senior apartment. It's going to be difficult but it's practical considering the costs of things and hopefully, they will be more comfortable. It won't be a big move...less than 3 blocks away. It should help.

I feel really tired but wanted to do some new art. I just feel so exhausted. Plus, Mr. H is so active lately. It was my fault for not walking him and the dogs. I've got to get into a habit of walking as it really helps focus his attention and burn off steam. This week seems to be so stretched out because of the warmth/being outside a lot.

I finished my curtains, sewed up some stuff and have to get ready for the Easter thing I'm hosting. I started to decorate, so that's not a problem. Just have to do the painting stuff. I'm getting tired just thinking about it all. Oh, well...I'll focus on the pretty flowers and take some pics. They are so gorgeous...esp. the magnolia's.


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