colds and what nots

We're attacked by the next round of colds, coughs, grumpy kids and runny noses. I finally got a sore throat/fever but didn't want to stay home and sleep/sulk. I got to go to Bedford, yesterday and see some arty people as well as go to Keystone Candy shop (fun spot). Jon made a 7 layer dip, upon my request, so good. I decided to do Just Dance (4 songs)and burn off the calories. It did make me feel better for a bit and I slept like a rock. In the morning, I was feeling pretty awful...sore throat/fever. But I took my meds and got to church, nonetheless. I really wanted to go and help the kids finish an art project as well as see everyone. I hope I didn't spread germs.

I woke up from a nap and feel a little better. While I was sleeping it snowed and the yard is white again. That was surprising. Supposed to warm up to the 70's this week and I surely hope so. Even though they are annoying, I do miss seeing the chipmunks. Would be nice to see the little ones again.

I want to do some art for an upcoming juried art I have time?? I do not want to do a large piece or something I've already shown. So, I'm going to have to get it together by this week/mailed by next. Just read the info and I'm going to have to figure out which category my wood carvings are going to fit. hmmm I'll email them and ask what they think. I'm guessing I'd fall under craft, 3 dimensional.

From the last I talked to my Mom, Dad was on blood thinners, doing a little better, still moaning in pain/wanting to go home (from what they understood...he can't talk) and Mom is prepping the apartment for his arrival. Hoping this is where they are still at and that next week will be better. I just feel that the fall really escalated so much of the suffering he has gone through. I'm praying coming home helps so more and he will be more stable/happier.


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