cold day

It was beautifully sunny but so, so cold. Last night, we went to the market and it was about 35 and windy. Made it about 24 degrees. I just lost my temper and shouted at everyone to get in the car, and I just wanted to cry. I didn't bring any gloves and felt like we were all going to freeze. I know...just over reacting. Plus, I sprained my ankle earlier and didn't help I walked all over the place. It swelled up & really hurt.

Today was a bit better. The kids and Jon went to an inside play center and I just relaxed, read, watched too much TV and that's about it. I did a lot of cleaning yesterday and kicked up a bunch of dust. With my cold/dust allergies, I got a migraine. Annoying. But I'm much better now...just my left ear is clogged.

I hope tomorrow is relaxing and WARMER. I'm so frustrated by the cold. Oh, I did make about 50 martenitsa bracelets for the kids class. I'm going to ask the teacher's if they can share them with their classmates w/ a bit of Bulgarian history (a little paper explaining the bracelet's). They were pretty easy to make...just a simple chain of about 14 links and knotted off.

I'm reading Sam Campbell's "Beloved Rascals". The first chapter had me crying as it is about a forest fire and the very realistic effects on trees and animals. Heart breaking. He does rescue a crow and I'm excited/hopeful to see what happens. If you didn't know, my Dad rescued a baby crow when I was a kid and we rehabilitated it. :)

I also read "Eeny, Menny, Miney, Mo -and Still-Mo" by Sam. Campbell. It's a little easier to read and about squirrels. My adoptive grandmother, Alta West, gave us these books and my Mom has been sending them to me. I'm so grateful for them as I feel like Grandma Alta is with me. She was my first exposure to understanding nature, animals and how important it is to eat mindfully (still working on that, actually). :) Sometimes, I just feel like I've been so lucky to know so many interesting and wonderful people. I need to write about her and how she was vegetarian, had a dog named Rose and would feed her carrot burgers. I miss her and am glad to have this reminder of her.


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