cold again.

I'm not pleased about that. It's supposed to go down to 23 tonight and I'm worried all the baby leaves that sprung over the last few warm days will get damaged. I really hope not.

There are several things I have to do for our yard. Get insecticide and soak it in cotton balls and leave out for chipmunks. They carry ticks so I'm going to be really on guard as this year is supposed to be really bad.

Also, need to spray the peach tree with copper spray to get rid of a's been infecting all my peaches or 1/3 of them. I'll usually get a good harvest but can't use them because of this fungus. It basically molds the inside of the peach so it looks good on the outside but is rotten inside. :( Isn't that sad?

My arms are sore from painting. I got annoyed with Jon because he was like, I watched the kids and did the dishes. I do that every day and still find stuff to to in-between all of that. It made me feel like he was doing minimum (which he is and I told him so). It's frustrating. I realize I'm at home more than he is however, that doesn't mean he shouldn't pick up a paint brush and help w/ painting the kitchen. It's his kitchen too. He promised to help tonight, so I feel better. :)

I feel like I wasted Saturday because the rain got me down. I finally took the kids out for a walk and it was very nice to see them jump in puddles. I call them Puddle walks. We all hunt for puddles to jump in...well, I would but I don't have rain boots at the moment. Anyway, it was fun to do and I got some pics.

I'm telling my self it only takes 15 minutes to do some painting, and this makes it easier to digest and get done. The only difficult part of all of this is having to put the varnish on the stuff I'm painting as it requires ventilation. I'm a stickler for this and either want it outside or all the windows open. Might have to settle for several fans in the window. We shall see or warmer weather.

Anyway, gotta get the day started. It's Monday, rainy and gray. But I'm hopeful for a bit of sun. I still can't believe how incredible the last sunny days were. It'll do that June. lol


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