I'm going to have a 2nd cup in a few. Got up early-ish...about 6. And I feel a tad sluggish. Stayed up watching that Twilight movie to see if it was any good. I'm glad I didn't pay for that in the theaters. (sorry, sis!). It had more gore than I thought and that made me feel a bit sick. The version we saw had director comments and behind the scenes stuff which made it much more interesting. I love finding out about films are put together, what sort of effects are created by hands on method and green screen. So interesting.

I did some paper collages. Going to make a few more, I think. If I make enough seasonal type collages, I'm thinking of making a fun calendar on Zazzle. I'll see what happens.

I don't know if I'm going to do the BCAFF art festival thing. I just feel like what I want to do and what I'll have to submit, won't be what I want. Plus, I keep procrastinating. It's due this Thursday. I'll give it a try...I just feel sort of annoyed because the weather is nice and all I want to do is garden. Then, I get too much pollen and I'm suffering from that. Apparently, there is a pattern here. sigh. I'll give my self 15 minutes to get materials together. This actually is a good way for me to work and not get overwhelmed. :)

Have a great Tuesday!


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