a bit of hope

Well, my Dad came home as of last Thursday and seems to be stable. We're hoping he improves a lot more now that his meds are easy to give (relatively, through the feeding tube) and he is home. My Mom says he seems to know where he is but is still fighting her whenever she tries to change him. She thinks it's pain from the tumor (probably). So, hopefully now that he is on the pain meds/ cancer treatment, he'll feel more comfortable and not get any worse. Maybe even better. But I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'll take stable and pain free. This makes me very excited to go and visit in a few months. Praying we can do this.

This weekend I had a bad cold/sinus migraine. I think the cure will be finding a face mask to wear while doing basic chores that keep up dust. Annoying but it's what have to do. I was bad and trimmed some hedges w/out a face mask. I nasal flushed, just in case. Next time, I will wear a face mask. I just need to get into the habit and maybe find some cute one to wear.

Anyway, last week we had a strange experience w/ a man running through our yard, the neighbors (broke a pole in their yard) and landing on a different neighbors porch. It has made me a little paranoid and this is why I'm trimming stuff and clearing out things. I don't plan to be one of those people that chop everything down but I do want stuff cleared/cleaned and not a place to hide people or what have you. We already have issues in other parts of the yard...geesh. Fencing will be the next option and lots of lighting.

I'm reading "Beloved Rascals" by Sam Campbell. In the first chapter they deal with a forest fire started by a cigarette. A few chapters later, they stop a fire from spreading left by a campfire and people drinking. Scary to think but there is so much truth about how things that seem harmless can really be a dangerous route if not controlled and checked by those who use these things. It's scary how much of a good or bad result can come from a supposedly simple choice.

Even though my Dad is home and all that, a part of me feels so heavy. I guess I was hoping he'd return in his ability to talk or think in his own normal/crazy way. But it's either going to take a lot of time or lost forever. Makes me very sad and yet, grateful we have some time still.

I feel like my siblings and I need to pitch in and treat our Mom to a day spa. I think this is something we're going to am for for Mother's day (or sooner).

One thing with Spring being almost here, is Spring Cleaning. I'm excited about this and a bit annoyed too. I keep thinking of all the things I've got to clean and fix. It's so nice to have a home to fix up but it's a bit daunting too. You worry about supplies and money for supplies or else energy to get things done. It's very physically exhausting but cost effective to do it ones self. The most important thing is when it's done, you do feel so proud of what is accomplished and that you've made your home better.

My goal is to put new caulking around the tub. I found a great youtube video on how to do this. I see why I did it so badly and how to fix it. So, wish me luck and I hope to get it started and done by tomorrow.

Plus, I have to get at least 1 piece of art submitted for the upcoming art show at BCAF. I'd prefer 3 pieces but I don't know if I have the energy.

Have a great week!


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