awaken to the sun

The past few days have been cloudy and rainy. Today, I woke up to this wonderful warm light making the windows glow. I could see a bit of blue sky peeking in from the curtains and it gave me a hopeful, happy feeling.

Yesterday, I ran outside in the cold trying to capture the sunrise, it lasted for about 5 minutes. Funny how one day can be so different from the other.

I have to call my Mom today and see how things are going. Dad was supposed to be released from the hospital but my Mom discovered his arm and leg had swelled to 3 times the size of the other. They did an ultrasound and discovered 3 blood clots. 1 huge one and 2 smaller ones. I guess it happened from not getting up and moving around. Not that he can. I feel a bit upset writing about this...let alone thinking about it. They put Dad on blood thinners and I'm hoping they help.

Jon's co-worker has gone through a similar thing with her Father and it has helped quite a bit in seeing what comes next and a feeling of we can get through this if we keep trying. I'm grateful for having insight and understanding for all of this.

I haven't had coffee yet or breakfast and I think it's effecting my writing. I'm trying not to sound dire and yet, that's what I'm getting as I type here. Plus, I'm annoyed I pulled out a book shelf yesterday and there are piles of books everywhere. Have a good Friday, everyone. Hope it is sunny and cheerful in your part of the world.


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