I'm starting to feel tired from my restless sleep. My ears feel a bit better but I feel dizzy from the infections and tired/stressed from everything else. I guess I need to make an appointment for the doctor.

I feel like there is so much to do and everything feels sort of overwhelming. Plus, I'm annoyed I didn't get a cheap box of fabric softner when I went shopping. I was thinking of getting in bulk but until then, I have 1 sheet left. darn

Plus, I wish I got some hoagies or something for lunch. I should make soup or something. It is really, really windy and sort of matches my sad mood.

I think I'll photograph some of my artwork. I've been doing work even with all this going on. I just haven't taken any pics. or lay down for a few minutes cause my ears are starting to ring/hurt more. :(

I want to be in CA with my Mom and family. love you all.


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