It's so nice to have a mostly calm Sunday. Good day at church, lovely soup fund raiser at church and then family time. We didn't get to go to the ice skating as Lydia was still upset for falling the last time she went. She didn't tell me she had hurt for over a month! Poor kid! I felt bad about that. She also had a melt down about serving as acolyte today...just wanted to be a kid. She is a little kid after all (even if tall). I think she was worn out from the concert on Friday. She had a melt down there too (was hungry and cold). The auditorium at the school was surprisingly small and so many people came to this event (awesome) that there was a shortage of seats. I found out that the other auditorium that was made into a football field was quite a bit larger and had balcony seating. It's too bad that is gone. Honestly, who ever planned this should have rented out the Jaffa or something or scheduled less schools at one time. It was pretty crazy and with the cold/wind, made everything seem a bit live wire.

Well, we survived and got the kids shakes and burgers for all of it. Their auntie was very nice and got Miss Lydia a bouquet of flowers. It made a good impression on her. :)

Honestly, if you want to pack the house, have a concert with some kids/adults, charge $3 per seat and make sure it's in the end of winter...people will come. I was truly amazed at the support. If there was about 1,500 to 2,000 people coming a group could really raise a lot of money for your group.

Now that I'm home and can think I'm going to finish up my couch covers and hopefully, the rest of the couch. I'll take some pics when it's all over. I don't know why I get so apprehensive about these projects. Probably because there is a trail of fabric pieces all over. Oh, well...

Have a great weekend! :)


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