Power of communication

Norrie as a Pegasus unicorn (she's going to kill me for showing this one!)

My brother gave me the info to talk directly to the nurses at the hospital and it has taken away a lot of my anxiety. How funny/interesting it is to have open conversation with people and it takes away all your stress in 2 minutes.

The feeding tube is in and Dad seems to be taking to it well. He's fighting everyone, however. They are going to see how this goes and then see about giving him something to calm him. I wrote to my sister/brothers and asked them to give the nurses something as a thank you and to lift their spirits. What would you give? I'm thinking of sending angel ornaments I'm making...because they are like angels. I think I'll send the doctors some thank you's too.

I feel so tired. I must have been anxious as I did a lot of chores, yelled at the kids for no real reason (well, they were running late and not hurrying up or hustling themselves. They are like snails feeding on lettuce in the morning. Soooo slooowww.

The good thing is I did a lot of chores. The bad thing is there is a lot of chores to do. phewie. Plus, all the snow melted, it's mucky outside and dog poo has unfrozen en mass. yuck. I cleared up about half but there is so much more to scoop.

We even walked the dogs, trotted around the yard, and made plans to do more yard stuff. Our shoes are caked with mud.

Why is there always so much house work? I'm glad I got this new throw rug and it's machine washable. Thank goodness as the dogs were very naughty and I found several damp spots (instead of the 1 I thought was there).

There is this really nice drink by Crystal light...they basically nonalcoholic drinks for non-alcohol drinkers. Really quite good and lemony. It makes me think of summer. :) Oh, and Jon and I are watching an Italian movie, Bread and Tulips, that makes me want to visit Venice and have a trip to Italy. Of course, I wouldn't run away from my family. lol But it makes you think of summer and warm days ahead.

It's actually 52 degrees. How exciting! Yesterday, it felt so cold for some reason...maybe the weather is starting to change. I got depressed thinking about the time change (March 11th). I like the sleeping in thing...it doesn't seem to last. Oh, well.

I'm having a serious urge to take a nap or at least put my feet up and read. I have to unearth the couch as it's covered with toys and things. We got a new book shelf for the kids room. I need about 2-3 more...not huge but half sizes. I didn't realize what a difference life would be with proper book shelves. :)


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