an odd series of dreams

I had quite a few dreams last night. The one I remembered well had something to do with me joining a women's football team (I don't even like football). We had this plan that if we made it to the Superbowl, we'd spilt the winnings between the players. We were doing great and then I got injured and had to have a replacement. We made it to the Superbowl, won and I still got paid. :) Then, while I was getting better in the hospital, I made a new product and was talking to this family, who happened to be Asian, if they wanted to invest in it. They said, Yes! and offered me either 5, 10 or 20 million to start. I went with 5 to see if anything would flow with my new product. Next, I bought a house and it had ghosts in it and I was like, maybe I shouldn't have bought this house but it was out in the country and I was tempted to keep it.

Honestly, I think my dream is a combination of several life events (the gals basketball team making it to playoffs (they won another game), my Dad in the hospital and me hoping he gets better each day, and watching too much Adventure Time. I really, really love Adventure Time. If anyone ever wants to get me a gift with something Adventure Time on it like a shirt or even a pencil/stationary set, I'd be more than cool with that. :D

Right now, I got some flyer's from church about how to deal with a sick person, grief and everything. It's making me extremely emotional and sad. I also wish I hadn't caught a glimpse of some show about real people making tough hospital was depressing and made me think, that it could me there or a family member and how would I deal with this? I started to feel all panicky. Esp. when I saw a beautiful young woman on life support and they were discussing what to do (potential organ donor).

When I think of these things, I really pray there is a heaven or a waiting station for people to redeem themselves. I have a feeling there is. I don't need confirmation, thank you. I guess when we all travel that road, we'll know.

I know this all sounds down/depressing (at least for me it does). It helps deal with that fear, I guess.


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