nearly poked my eye out...

and not with a bebe gun. I am such a klutz these last few days! I cannot believe how many times I've hurt my self just by being glue gun mishap, pinched my finger between the back of the car handle and the liscense plate, burned 3 fingers on something, bent back my finger nail while putting away laundry (quite a bit of blood, oddly enough), spilled hot coffee all over my leg and side, burned my self while cooking (the pan spit grease everywhere) and now nearly popped out my eye while cleaning up the back porch. GEESH! I feel like I have where protective gear or something...At least I was careful exercising today. I kept thinking I could twist my ankle or pull a muscle, so I was gentle with my self. My eye hurts. :(

I think I've been upset about my Dad and get distracted. I have to vent in my journal and pray more. It's just very upsetting to know my Dad is suffering so much. Plus, I'm missing a family meeting w/the doctors. Maybe I can get my brother and sister to have me on the phone when they do that. I hope they at least try to include me.

On a different note, I got the dogs some chewies and they are laying around outside chewing them like it's gold. This is after I found several kid toys chewed up. I needed to restock in dog treats. Plus, I was sorry for getting mad at Penny for having a poo/pee accident on the new throw rug. I started to feel all emotional about her because I was like, some people can't have dogs and I'm lucky to have one...even with her faults. Plus, it was our mistake for not letting her out more yesterday. She's such a good dog and I need to remember that. Plus, I found my several pics of my Mom's dog she had a few years back. I thought I didn't have any pics and here I found 3! I'm so happy because my Mom didn't have 1 and after they lost the house, they didn't have anything to remember Rusty (they had to put him to sleep, cancer/old age) and it was very emotional. Thank you, God for these treasures. You can be sure I'm making my Mom copies and an original Dog painting for her wall. :) :)

So, even with all the sad things there is good stuff happening and treasures are found. This makes a huge difference in making you feel better about the world. Always look for never know what you'll find or where. <3 Just be careful you don't poke your eye out!


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